Foundation Freyjas

What we have done

In its first year, Every Body is a Treasure trust, with Mandi Lynn's leadership of the Luscious Order of Golden Shield Maidens, under 100% volunteer steam managed to:

  • Put on 5 highly praised by attendees workshops throughout the North Island for mothers and daughters developing body compassionate leaders.
  • Win a highly competitive grant for a documentary about the project from the NZ Film Commission, and direct and produce the film (currently in post production).  The only documentary production team to every win a Fresh Shorts Grant...Over 70 films were submitted only 8 received funding.
  • Win a Gold Medal at the NZ National Photography Awards for our Fine Art Body compassion exhibition piece (our mum led artivism component).
  • Win the Health and Well Being Category of the Wellington Airport community service awards.

What we need:

  • Capacity to deliver Mother-Daughter Body BFF workshops in 3 regions of New Zealand and develop and pilot the Creative Mojo Dojo and the Girl Grit Film Crew Project ($100,000.00)
  • 7 cameras for our Arts based emotional literacy program ($5600.00)
  • A 10 seater Van with a tow bar and trailer to enable us to take field trips with the Creative Mojo Dojo project and take the project on a national tour. (34,000.00)
  • A drone for our Girl Grit Film School ($2,799 00)
  • 5 Smart phone Gimbles for the Girl Grit Filmschool ($1100.00)

The Sustainable Next Step:

Our vision for a sustainable funding model to be able to continue to develop girl power in New Zealand.  A combination of the following methods of support would achieve that.

The Patron Freyja's

Freyja is a Norse goddess who is pretty much the Nordic equivalent of Venus.  The interesting thing is that back in the day the women who owned their own property and were self-sufficient were given an honourable title of "Freyja."  Considering the women who are part of the Every Body is a Treasure Exhibition are inducted into the Luscious Order of Golden Shield Maidens, it seemed fitting that a benefactor to the trust be called a Patron Freyja.

So one idea for achieving a sustainable platform for delivery is to get 20 Patron Freyjas to each commit to donating $5,000.00 annually to the trust for 3 years enabling a foundation period to deepen and expand the work of the trust.

If you are a potential founding Freyja or you know someone who might like to be please have them contact us on (04)210-7776

Foundation 50

50 people or groups donating $20.00 a week would make the trust sustainable.

If you are keen to be one of the Foundation 50 you can reach out on(04)210-7776 or you could simply subscribe below


Cornerstone Partners

4 businesses keen to create one pillar of sponsorship each.

25K each would provide operating expenses for the trust to deliver work in three regions.

If you know of any organizations keen to sponsor please have them contact us on (04)210-7776.


Social Enterprise

A La Mojo Photographic Studio is operating as a social enterprise currently underwriting some of the work of the trust.   By hiring A La Mojo for your photographic needs you further support the work of the trust.


Every Penny Counts

If you feel like donating to support the work of the trust by all means do.

Here is an easy portal to make that work for you.

  • 34K will get us a Van and a trailer to take the project on the road to reach more of New Zealand.
  • 790.00 will buy a manual camera for the course
  • 100.00 will help provide a feed for the events (most grants do not allow food purchases so we have to fundraise to feed the girls while they are with us)
  • $10.00 will feed one girl during an event allowing us to invite more girls.


Make a donation to the EverybodyIsATreasure Charitable Trust (Charity registration number CC56586)

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