Body shame gets passed down through family and culture but with your support, we can help stop the spread.

"Every Body Is A Treasure" is a registered New Zealand Charitable Trust (CC56586) NZBN 9429046351555

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I earn $30,000 a year

My 1% Donation would be$25 a month


My 1% Donation would be$25 a week

Remember, as a New Zealand taxpayer, you can claim up to 33% of your donations back from IRD!

Based on a monthly 1% Donation of $25 a month, you should be able to claim a tax credits of $20 per year from the IRD.

This means your actual monthly 1% Donation would only be $20 per month


You are a 1 for 1 Donor if:

  • You can imagine a world where our youth don't power down from body shame the way previous generations did.
  • It's personal - You or someone you love has been impacted by body shame or low self-worth.
  • You are willing to donate 1% of your income to help make that change happen in the world.

Every dollar you donate is a dollar applied to allow us to support our award winning team to work directly with women and youth instead of having to waste time on the funding hamster wheel.

Think of it like a Netflix subscription but the impact of the money is to change the culture from one of body shame to one of BODY GRATITUDE!  You can do it in honour of yourself or in honour of someone you love.


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Our workshops have been described as lifechanging by many of our participants.

But without regular support for our small team, we have to spend aproximately half of our time looking for funding instead of doing the work.

Every regular dollar you give us helps free us up to spend more time running workshops for youth and families.


The "Every Body is a Treasure Exhibition" is currently in a box in storage waiting for funding to bring it out and showcase it.


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Our film "Finding Venus", about our work has won several awards and is being shown in film festivals around the world.

Film Festival Locations for Finding Venus as of May 2024

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Help by Becoming an Ambassador for our Trust

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Ambassadorship is for you if:

  • You are connected in your community and want to collaborate with us to bring some of the Every Body is a Treasure Projects to your region
  • You want to volunteer to help at our workshops
  • You love our mission and don't have much spare change yourself but would like to fundraise to support our work for women and youth
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