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Our Vision

sharing tools to build peace within so that there is greater peace without

Christmas  2016

Location Mandi Lynn's kitchen in Upper Hutt New Zealand.

"Auntie Mandi?"

"Yes, Harper?"

"Am I fat?"

She was five and her name was Harper.  She was our founder's niece, and that exchange, followed by the death of her daughter's dear friend, Holly, to suicide were the turning points that lead to the founding of Every Body is a Treasure Trust.  Horrified that Holly’s gift to the world was lost and that Harper’s gift was being dialled down through body shame, Mandi Lynn, a holistic nurse and master photographer, gathered her creative community around her to start the trust.  The goal is to support youth to develop a life-enhancing skill base of self-compassion, holistic well-being, and non-violence. 

We are supporting the development of leaders who are heart first, self aware and skilled in tools necessary to create positive community change. 

How we help

Our big project right now

Our Impact

Its a big one.

The NZ rainbow challenge.

Youth across the country are invited to photograph, paint, or digitally create monochromatic images (one colour per all red, or all purple).  The images will be given to a VJ to create a rainbow video that will be gifted to all schools and libraries to use during School Pride Week.


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How You Can Help Too