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Our vision at Every Body is a Treasure is to stop body shame in one generation.  We do this one person at a time, one whanau at a time.  Which builds up to one community at a time.  If you have people who are no longer willing to be sizest, or racist then things begin to change.  When our daughters and sons learn the skills to become body grateful and develop mental health skills that will help them be resilient as they age then the world wins.  It becomes a more peaceful place.  Because only hurt people tend to hurt people.   Our culture has collectively hurt us as 75% of women experience body shame and our gender diverse populations have 4x the amount of eating disorders as Cis Women.   It effects us but here is the cool part.

We can change that.  It is in our power.   We are currently in the process of fundraising to take our body positive workshops on the road.

Finding Venus

Finding Venus is a short documentary (16 minutes) about the origin story of Every Body is a Treasure Trust and the journey of women who have bared their chests and hearts to tell us their body stories. The goal of the project featured in the film is to create a golden-breasted shield wall that represents the reality of the female form not just the curated 600 photoshopped images we see each day.

Finding Venus is touring the world at the moment in Film Festivals and currently (June - July 2024) playing in the Doc Edge Film Festival (If we win our category we will be up for an Oscar).  In August we will start touring the film as a part of our workshop series.    More information about the film can be found here.

The film has won places in 11 film festivals around the world and Mandi the director won the Best Emerging Filmmaker in the Women's Voices Now Film Festival in LA.  The film also won an honourable mention in the Women's Rights and Fights Category at Portofemme Film Festival in Portugal.



"I define my life as before Finding Venus and after." Tracy a member of the Luscious Order of Golden Shield Maidens.

Get ready for a workshop like you have likely never experienced before.  You will face your inner protectors whose job it was to protect you from harsh words and bullying by making you play small and question your value.  You reclaim your power and you will bare your chest, get covered in golden clay, and stand for the power of women to change their circumstances.  Click Here for more details of what to expect. 

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Our plans for when and where

Weekly online body gratitude workshop series.

The average annual cost of not dealing with unaddressed body shame is estimated to be $6867.00 per person. (1)

What would it be worth to you to stop body shame in your generation and not have it spread to the next generation?  Would you be willing to donate 1% of your weekly salary (usually the cost of a cup of coffee) to help you achieve that goal?

Would you like the weekly support of our founder, Mandi Lynn,  as you travel on your journey to shed body shame, build body gratitude, and learn how to support others to do the same?  You would learn something new each week, and learn a somatic (body-based) practice that you can use during the week to calm your nervous system.  You will learn gentle creative tools that will help you get in touch with the parts of you that are judgemental and seem to undermine your efforts at body positivity.  We make friends with them and then update their software to one that supports you as you are now.

You will build a community along the way that will cheer for your successes and honour the hard parts.  You will learn tools that will help you in your relationships with others as well as yourself.

If this sounds like just what you need then please feel free to join our 1% collective of people for an hour each week on Zoom for a trauma-informed experience that will help you to finally make body-positive progress.



1) Yetsenga, R., Banerjee, R., Streatfeild, J., McGregor, K., Austin, S. B., Lim, B. W. X., … Cheung, S. (2024). The economic and social costs of body dissatisfaction and appearance-based discrimination in the United States. Eating Disorders, 1–31.

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